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Apulia wedding & more has a double purpose:

/ creates an
authentic italian wedding experience
in romantic and unique venues in Southern Italy

/ offers the perfect holiday for you and your guests, organized in every details

About Marina Indraccolo
When you live in a land this one passes through of you,
models your personality and general view. For all these reasons
at the center of my working experience there is always my Puglia
and the way in which I feel it.
After a Degree in Communications and a Masters in Tourism marketing,
I have worked extensively in the tourism sector. In 2008, when I was hired
as events manager from Chiostro dei Domenicani, one of the most
prestigious venue in Puglia, I have discovered the beauty
of becoming a wedding planner and I have fallen in love
with this kind of job.
A couple is a world of feelings and story, my mission
is helping you to turn your dreams in reality with versatility,
creativity and the right mediterranean touch, always starting
from a careful listening of the personalities
for a really tailor made wedding. My goal is to be the best wedding planner in italy you can find.
Good taste, accuracy and passion are the basic ingredients
of all my weddings. Thanks to a strong network of local partners
and collaborations I can give you the best and original ideas
to make your celebration and stay unique and special.
wedding planner in italy

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