Wedding Puglia, mediterranean poetry for your big day
Competence and care for your special day.
A perfect italian wedding for you and your guests. Getting married in Italy is a romantic experience you won't forget
Be always yourself,
even in your exclusive Italian wedding.
A tailored wedding reflects personality and emotions. Get ready for getting married in italy
The elegance of simplicity
This is my philosophy for your perfect wedding in Puglia. My part of south as a vision, an identity, a mediterranean sign in your special day.


your unique story
in Puglia

Wedding Planner Italy

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5 key reasons to choose a wedding planner

What are the advantages of choosing a Puglia destination wedding planner?
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The formula for a perfect boho wedding in Puglia

Today I’ll tell you about the boho wedding, and bring you with me in the wild, pulsating heart of Puglia.
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Let’s not forget the groom!

People have always eyes for her, the bride. But who cares about him? Amused by the hashtag campaign launched by Piernicola Mele…
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