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5 key reasons to choose a wedding planner

What are the advantages of choosing a Puglia destination wedding planner?

Today’s article comes after the type of dinner with friends where everyone talks about work. As we were tucking into our antipasto with stracciatella, friselle, burrata and cracking open a bottle of Puglia’s finest champagne method spumante, Alessandro asked me: “Marina, why should I hire you to plan my wedding?”.

I started to think about this question and how to answer it. I’d always thought that people understood the advantages of choosing a wedding planner and then it dawned me. It’s usually the type of thing people realise only after the big day is finally over. It’s actually the already married couples who really know how much time, stress, energy and money goes into planning a wedding in the south of Italy. And let’s be honest a destination wedding in Puglia comes with the additional site visits and language barriers that only add to the stress. So here are my 5 key reasons why a Puglia destination wedding planner makes a huge difference.

1. Trust

Every professional wedding planner has a wealth of knowledge and experience and local contacts to ensure the happy couple are matched perfectly to the best local professionals for their wedding. A professional wedding planner takes into account your style and budget, the venue availability and adds a touch of personal flair to the big day. All of these vital elements are found in the metaphorical Mary Poppins bag of a wedding planner.

You’ll have your own idea for your perfect wedding in Puglia. But, when it comes to weighing up the pros and cons of every venue, location florist, caterer and so forth it is difficult to choose. Your Puglia wedding planner listens to you, gives you options and helps you choose between beaches, masseria (traditional farmhouses), trulli, olive groves, and luxury hotels.

Remember that your local wedding planner will have spent years handpicking assorted nick-nacks in markets and fairs. But that’s not all, they also offer the essential, yet less tangible insider information on the best suppliers based their analysis of your personal wants and needs. And if that’s not enough, your wedding planner also adds a distinctive signature style. In the case of Apulia Wedding and More, this is found in the trademark mediterranean style wedding with harmony at its heart.

Marina Indraccolo Puglia wedding planner
The trademark of Apulia wedding and more: the mediterranean style wedding.
Photo Credits FotoVision Produzioni

2. Time

Not everyone loves spending hours hunting for perfect destination wedding locations or tracking down the best Puglia wedding venues for a range of budgets. Most people don’t have time to look for a dream farmhouse or idyllic white sand beach with crystal clear water for a civil service wedding. These things are especially time-consuming in Puglia where everything tends to be a little slower than the rest of Italy. So in this case, a wedding planner saves a lot of time because she already has a range of tried and tested options at her fingertips. She has ready established working relationships with contacts built up over the years.

As a couple you can rely on your wedding planner to take care of everything, tailoring your wedding from beginning to end, taking into account everything that can possibly go wrong and develop a series of backup plans for every eventuality. Remember we are in Puglia and some venues don’t even offer ‘rainy day’ alternatives. Don’t worry, we know who they are!

Puglia wedding planner Marina Indraccolo
The wedding planner saves a lot of time because she already has a range of tried and tested options.

3. Save money

That’s right, usually, most people think that a wedding planner is just another expense. But, when you plan a destination wedding in Puglia the cost of a wedding planner is easily offset against the cost of flights, accommodation and translators incurred visiting Puglia prior to your big day.

What’s more, a local wedding planner already has those vital networks in place, and when it comes to negotiating the cost of wedding venues, wedding flowers, wedding photographers etc they definitely have the upper hand. And let’s not forget that planning a wedding in your own country is incredibly stressful without having to fumble through explaining the finer details of your big day with the added stress of language barriers. Sure, maybe you wouldn’t choose a wedding planner in your own country, but it is definitely worth factoring in the additional costs and stress of planning a wedding in abroad without a wedding planner.

4. Lean on me

There is no contract of employment without a relationship of trust. You (the plural form of course), are able to rely on your wedding planner to step in and make decisions or manage everything from small glitches to bigger problems. Your wedding planner knows the difference between when to tell you about a problem and when to just find an solution to it. A good wedding planner will tell you about a problem after it’s solved. In essence, the bride and groom hand over everything to their wedding planner, from the choice of design details to the brokerage and management of the suppliers.

5. Live the dream

Your wedding planner is going to be your new best friend, so it is imperative that trust, empathy and understanding are established from the start. If you and your potential wedding planner have opposing visions and styles it might difficult for everyone.

Following the precious advice of an experienced wedding planner, is like listening to a guiding and supportive friend. You are certainly less likely to forget things or make the usual mistakes.

At the end of the day, the newlyweds will be newlyweds. But, in addition to saving time, money, energy and stress with the support of a professional and experience Puglia wedding planner they will have lived the dream and had the big day they had always wanted.

destination wedding Puglia
Wedding in Puglia, Photo credits Marco Massari Newart

So Alessandro, I hope that this answers your question. And when you decide to pop the question to the woman of your dreams, you’ll think about how I can help you make her your wife.


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