mediterranean wedding style

Five tips for a mediterranean style wedding

Apulia wedding & more has its own distinguishing mark. Step in and see our idea of a wedding in Puglia. You will find inspirations and ideas with a mediterranean flavor.

Here are five elements that we believe can render your day unmistakeable.

1. Simple mediterranean symbols

To achieve a theme for a wedding you don’t have to come up with something too elaborate. Olive leaves, grapes and ears of wheat are simple and local decorative elements. They can lend your wedding a mediterranean leitmotiv as well as being symbolic, evocative and well wishing: the olive tree is a symbol of peace, grapes are a sign of wellbeing and fertility and ears of wheat bring abundance and rebirth.

Mediterranean style wedding
Olive leaves are simple and local decorative elements.

2. Colour palette

Which are the most suitable colours for a mediterranean style wedding?
Brown in all its nuances, from the lightest to the darkest; dusty and matt greens, typical of the mediterranean (marsh green, asparagus green, olive green, etc.); the warmest shades of white (zinc white, ivory, cream, maize, antique white). Starting from these neutral bases we can combine brighter colours: lemon yellow, apricot or orange peel, mauve or lavender, dusty blue, baby blue right through to the deeper shades of the sea.

Colours for a mediterranean wedding style
Brown, green, white are three mediterranean colours, perfect neutral bases for a wedding.

3. Venue and decoration

The venue plays a fundamental role in the style of a wedding. Nature and the surrounding landscape will play an elegant and understated role.
Apulia wedding and more, with the expert hand of Marina Indraccolo wedding planner, will carefully select the location for your party.
The decorations will be in line with this essential approach in order not to dwarf the venue, but enhance it. All or just some of the elements below, that can recreate the right atmosphere, can be combined in a balanced and harmonious way:

  • draped fabrics;
  • short and tall candles to create a series of small steps;
  • flowers: white peonies for a refined touch combined with olive branches;
  • instead of rice, small sachets with olive leaves to throw at the newlywed couple;
  • festoons created with green leaves and white branches and flowers to decorate chandeliers and tables;
  • long rectangular tables covered in simple white linen runners, which leave the beauty of the bare wood in view;
  • glass or brass raised bowls for an antique and refined touch (arranged on the tables with the candles);
  • decorated glasses and cutlery, plates with gold edges or with antique designs;
  • small olive branches tied with a bow placed in the middle of the plates.

4. Bride and bridegroom

The bride and bridegroom will opt for a natural look and will both avoid excessively structured outfits. For the bride soft lines and light and airy fabrics (empire style dresses) and the bridegroom will avoid shiny fabrics and dark colours, opting for lighter shades of beige and dove grey. For the bride the finishing touch to the perfect look is a crown of flowers with olive branches.

5. Mediterranean style cake, invitations and flavors

Wedding cake with olive branches.

Forget the classic wedding cake, here too the keywords will be simple and essential.
Apulia wedding and more’s idea: a simple multi-tier cake, with a smooth white topping and a few floral decorations here and there (real flowers, olive branches or the key elements of the wedding). The same for the invitations: we will recall the leitmotiv selected and include the decorative graphic elements such as the olive branch, a garland of flowers or some golden foliage. Natural fibre paper would be the obvious choice.
And the wedding favor? A bottle of olive oil, flavorsome and simple.

The mediterranean style wedding reflects our identity, the signature look of Apulia wedding and more.


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