september wedding

September wedding: Margherita and Victor just married!

September days are here,
with summer’s best of weather,
and autumn’s best of cheer.
(Helen Hunt Jackson)

September wedding. Birds of a feather flock together.
Margherita and Victor look like this September, soft like the delicate sunlight in Puglia, vivacious like their smiles. 

September 8, 2018.
I marked this date on my calendar, and I drew a daisy (margherita in Italian) on the same page. It is not only a flower (little daises are perfect for September weddings, aren’t they?), but also the name of my bride. I’ve made friendship with Margherita and Victor, and this is the most beautiful thing in my job: to build relationships that go beyond my advice work as a wedding planner.

The following article is highly recommended to the couples that want to marry, and that want to do it with a smile, willingly accepting any unexpected event and aware that there is always a solution!

Unexpected events – Here’ how to overcome them

Two days before the ceremony, their wedding car broke down.
Moreover, the church wedding service risked to be postponed due to an oversight by the priest.  

These things really happened to Margherita and Victor. Do you want to know how they dealt with those hitches?
Here’s how!

september wedding
September wedding in Puglia: Margherita and Victor just married!
Photo credits Maraca Fotografia

The ceremony took place anyway!
The photo shows the newlyweds getting out of the church. Their smiles are slightly tense, but just because they have been pelted with rice and petals (you can see the amused grins of their relatives and friends in this beautiful photo by Maraca Fotografia).

The Mass was celebrated on time, under the guidance of a nice, entertaining priest. 🙂
Everything went as planned: together with some florists, we set up our flower decorations in the Church in record time, and the couple were able to take advantage of the sunlight and sunset light for their photo shots.    

I have mentioned another hitch: the wedding car.
Here is its substitute. Don’t you think it looks perfect? 

wedding car
The newlyweds smiling on board of their wedding car
Photo credits Maraca Fotografia

The bride and groom is the real feast!

Which lessons can we draw from a couple like Margherita and Victor?
Spoiling your party can be very easy if you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by setbacks.
You need to be flexible, and ready to accept alternative solutions.
These alternatives may prove to be even better than the original plans.
Sincerely smiling, not putting a phony face on: that’s the secret.
A wedding party is made up of people who want to have fun together, first of all the bride and groom. It’s up to them to involve their guests in the revels, and to make sure that the wedding day and night will be unforgettable, as in this case.

september wedding
September wedding, organized by Apulia Wedding and More: happy newlyweds!
Photo credits Maraca Fotografia

One thing is certain, friends are always happy to toast to joy!

september wedding
Hurray for the bride and groom!
Photo credits Maraca Fotografia

If you ask me to describe the wedding of Margherita and Victor, I’ll replay that it was joyful and cheerful just like them.
I want to tell you a moment of great sweetness, which occurred among smiles and toasts.
The lyrics of a famous Italian song, “Buonanotte fiorellino” (‘Goodnight little flower’) – by the songwriter Francesco De Gregori –, were rewritten with great care by Margherita’s father, Giancarlo; then, he sat still and silent while one of her aunts sang the new version of the song.

For me, the most beautiful verses are:

“…from the cradle to the altar, a precious love story,
have a good life Margherita, together with your boy!” 

Here is the handwritten full text of Giancarlo’s song for Margherita

September wedding. A new friendship is born!

september wedding
Marina Indraccolo, wedding planner, with the bride Margherita
Photo credits Maraca Fotografia

A hug between Margherita and me, can you see that we were happy?
I wish to thank the newlyweds for that beautiful experience, for making me feel special, for this new friendship, which has blossomed at work and I am sure will be long-lasting.

All I have to do now is wish you a good life, Margherita and Victor,

Sincerely yours,
Marina (your friend and wedding planner).

Note: The photos in the article are by Maraca Fotografia.

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