5 key reasons to choose a wedding planner

What are the advantages of choosing a Puglia destination wedding planner?

The formula for a perfect boho wedding in Puglia

Today I’ll tell you about the boho wedding, and bring you with me in the wild, pulsating heart of Puglia.

Let’s not forget the groom!

People have always eyes for her, the bride. But who cares about him? Amused by the hashtag campaign launched by Piernicola Mele Fotografo to raise awareness about the grooms – #notonlythebride –, I decided to make my own modest contribution.

September wedding: Margherita and Victor just married!

September days are here, with summer’s best of weather, and autumn’s best of cheer. (Helen Hunt Jackson)

Your wedding in Puglia: three “I do” in June

June “at full speed”: one wedding per week in Puglia is great for a wedding planner. I’ll tell you how this exciting experience was!

A summer wedding in Puglia with the sun!

Would you prefer either a “wet” wedding or a sunny one? If rain on your wedding day is good luck – and it is a mathematical certainty – imagine what a sunny wedding can be! Summer wedding in Puglia. This formula is simply perfect, and is accompanied by a few, clear ideas: colors and contrasts,...

Like in a film… Wedding in Puglia!

In Puglia there must be something that attracts filmmakers, as more and more movies are being shot here. It’s probably because this land offers evocative images and weird situations; for instance, an Ape (a three-wheeled vehicle typically owned by Puglia’s farmers) that passes by in the middle of the town just as a bride, getting...

Wedding favors, little stories from Puglia

What about wedding favors? Someone believes that they are unnecessary; someone else says that they should enrich and conclude every wedding reception worthy of its name, just like the term “The End” in the fairytales. You are not obliged to offer wedding favors to your guests; but we, at Apulia wedding and more, want to...

What’s new for 2018: wedding trend and our tips

Wedding in Puglia 2018. Between romanticism and innovation. Here is our brief guide on how to welcome both the new year and (almost) all its trends. Some of the basic principles, as well as the signature traits of Apulia wedding and more, will remain unchanged: the elegance of simplicity; Puglia as a source of inspiration;...

Autumn wedding in Puglia is a great idea!

“Aprils have never meant much to me, autumns seem that season of beginning, spring.” ( Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s) Today, I’ll tell you why I think that an autumn wedding is a wonderful idea. Inspiration is coming to my mind: a notebook in my hands, a colorful landscape before my eyes. Autumn in Puglia gives...