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What’s new for 2018: wedding trend and our tips

Wedding in Puglia 2018. Between romanticism and innovation.
Here is our brief guide on how to welcome both the new year and (almost) all its trends. Some of the basic principles, as well as the signature traits of Apulia wedding and more, will remain unchanged: the elegance of simplicity; Puglia as a source of inspiration; the unmistakably Mediterranean style; the vintage style revisited; and the local handicraft.

“Ultraviolet” – Pantone’s 2018 colour of the year

Innovations starts from the colour palette: violet and its ultra shades.
My grandma would disagree with this brand new trend; she would say that it is excessive, ‘it’s sheer madness.’ In her imagination, violet is banned, especially as a wedding colour.
Yet, believe me, ultraviolet is Pantone’s colour of the year. And it will be undoubtedly the undisputed colour at every wedding in 2018; from wedding shoes (in the picture of @lolivapicena, alias to table settings, it will add an elegant, fine “new age” touch.

It’s possible that Puglia’s grandmothers turn up their noses; as wedding planners, we have the honour to launch this new trend elegantly. Who knows? They could change their minds when seeing a bunch of wild saffron flowers (known as crocus sativus, it bloom until November), or a violet loom-woven, hand-embroidered table runner.

Sweetness aplenty

The sweets buffet matters! According to 2018 trends, a generous, colourful buffet is recommended, full of any sort of delicacies and flavours. Have you ever seen violet macarons?

Flowers everywhere, wreaths and centrepieces

As in 2017, floral installations will also be protagonists in 2018 weddings. They will be at the centre of the tables together with candles and large plates from which to share dishes (sharing is the keyword even at dinner); floral wreaths will adorn the reception halls; and myriads of flowers will be hanging from the ceiling like Bohemian chandeliers.

The bride: something black, something precious, and something floral

Small or showy black appliqués can give traditional wedding dresses more personality, and Vera Wang’s, Marchesa’s and Reem Acra’s 2018 collections are a helpful source of inspiration for brides-to-be.
Romanticism and innovation are perfectly mixed together this year. Let’s take as an example the 3D flower appliqués that will adorn the wedding gowns, from the veil to the bodice and the train.
Among the cult classic appliqués that are cool again we find the pearls, sewn onto the back or the entire dress, as well as the traditional capes and cloaks creatively revisited.

Wedding Decorations: copper, crystal and see-through designs

One of the hottest trends in 2018 wedding decor is copper, which is warm and delicate despite its metal nature. When all the candles are lit, its warm glamour will spread through the venue. Let your imagination run wild: copper-toned cups, glasses, cutlery, chairs, bows and fabrics will ensure a glamorous and soft atmosphere.
Another stunning element is crystal, as well as any transparent decoration: with their ethereal character, they will help you make your wedding in Puglia even more atmospheric and give it a Nordic touch. That is innovation, too!
Don’t forget: flowers at will, together with geometric-shaped vases and objects.
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Have a great 2018, full love and inspiration!

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