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10 romantic places to propose in Puglia

A stunning, unexpected, and thrilling marriage proposal. Where? In Puglia.
Here it is a list of the 10 most romantic places selected by Apulia wedding and more.

1. Alberobello

You have probably heard of this enchanted small town many times: a valley dotted with white trulli, with their conical stone roofs, their pinnacles proudly standing out against the sky, and their little doors bringing into an unbelievably charming interior.
The trulli have some symbols painted on their conical roofs: a sun, a crescent, a heart with an arrow through it… Has Cupid, by chance, got something to do with it?

marriage proposal
Alberobello, pic by instagram @renatasarbu

2. Ceglie Messapica

There is not only Alberobello in the Itria Valley. It is worth taking a trip, stopping the car and enjoying the landscape. Please, don’t champ at the bit; there’s a wonderful surprise in store for you, but I suggest that you enjoy this moment before making your marriage proposal (beware: women have an unfailing nose; don’t let yourselves get caught!). So, why don’t you arrange a stop-over in Ceglie Messapica (Roberta Longo’s photo,, where you can wander around hand in hand, surrendering to the bright white of its houses and narrow streets?

marriege proposal in Puglia
Ceglie Messapica, pic by instagram @robertalongo_

3. Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare (travel blogger’s picture) is a special place, and it is perfect for your marriage proposal.
After asking “Will you marry me?“, you can listen together to Domenico Modugno’s song – Volare – and fly up in the clouds away from the maddening crowds….


Will you merry me in Puglia?
Polignano a Mare, pic by instagram @bear.and.the.ocean

4. Ostuni

Known as “the white town”, the whitewashed houses in the old town remind me of an ad for an Italian laundry soap – “the detergent that washes whiter than white”
A maze of narrow streets also awaits you in Ostuni. You begin to walk trying to focus on some reference points that can help you get back to your car; however, it won’t take much for you to forget even that you have a car. As you wander through the alleys, you will begin to feel disoriented, in the positive meaning of the term. Here is the plan: a new path is ahead of you, what kind of wonderful adventure will it be?
(Ostuni, pic by the fashion PR Kèvin Bnd… not ordinary people!)

Wedding in Puglia
Ostuni, pic by Instagram @kmelancia

5. Grotta della Poesia, Roca Vecchia

Grotta della Poesia (Cave of Poetry) can be undoubtedly included in the top list of the most beautiful natural seawater swimming pools in the world: it is located in Puglia’s Salento area, near the small town of Roca Vecchia. You can choose to go there during summer, but the noise of the people diving into it might prevent your fiancée from hearing what you are asking her. Maybe it would be better if you choose winter or spring, when there are very few people and it is unlikely that someone spoils that precious moment. Your question – “Will you marry me?” – would echo through the rocks and beyond, and it is even possible that a fisherman, from God knows where, would answer “Yes, I will!!!”

marriage proposal in Puglia
Cave of poetry, one of most beautiful natural seawater swimming pools in the world

6. Torre Sant’Emiliano (Otranto)

Some people say that this landscape is reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands. And I am sure that, at your arrival at Torre Sant’Emiliano, you would experience that sensation. It would be nice to hire a bagpipe player who, staying out of sight, plays the perfect background music while you make your marriage proposal.

will you merry me?
Torre Sant’Emiliano, Hydra Escursioni

7. Torre Uluzzo, Porto Selvaggio Nature Reserve (Nardò)

We at Apulia Wedding and more consider it as a magic place. We are eager to organize a civil ceremony right here, with an aperitif at the “Fico d’India” little bar in front of the Tower. During summer, hundreds of people crowd into the venue to enjoy their sunset happy hours. Marvelous!

wedding in Puglia
Torre Uluzzo Parco di Porto Selvaggio, pic by instagram @lonmar

8. Cava di bauxite, Otranto

If you are thinking about doing a round trip to Mars, you can opt for a cheaper solution and go to the wonderful bauxite quarry located near Otranto to make your marriage proposal.
Your fiancée would be won over even before knowing the reason why you have brought her there; she’d feel like being in Paradise, amid the emerald green of the pond, the iron red of the earth and the wild vegetation.

Apulia wedding planner
Cava di bauxite Otranto, SiViagga

9. Punta Palascia, Otranto

If you are two walkers, two backpackers, this is the right place for you. The lighthouse of Punta Palascia, Otranto, is a place full of symbolism. The easternmost point of Italy, it is where the sun rises – the dawn of a new phase of your life.
(Pic by PugliaDrintle, slow tourism operator)

wedding in Puglia
Otranto Punta Palascia, pic by Instagram @pugliadrintle

10. Santu Mauru

On top of the hill you can see Santu Mauru’s hermitage, which has been recently restored to its ancient beauty. If you decide to walk up to the hilltop, the little church, with its full beauty, and the sparkling sea will open up before your eyes. You are close to Gallipoli; so, after making your marriage proposal you can go and make a toast together with your fiancée.
(Santu Mauru in a picture of a musician, Francesco Quarta)

marriage proposal in Puglia
Santu Mauru, pic by Instagram @francescoquarta92

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