Boho wedding in Puglia

The formula for a perfect boho wedding in Puglia

Today I’ll tell you about the boho wedding, and bring you with me in the wild, pulsating heart of Puglia.

Authenticity and naturalness

The boho chic style derives from a way of thinking that exalts nature, in all the meanings of the term. That’s why outdoor spaces, olive groves and sunny beaches are the first choice for a casual wedding to be celebrated barefoot, thus meeting your inner need to restore contact with mother earth.

You can also find naturalness in the eyes of the guests, in their hats, sunglasses, and short sleeve white shirts, as well as in their conspiratorial smiles. I was looking for a picture that could convey this image, and I’ve found it! I wish to thank Leuci Fotografia for this wonderful portrait of the bride’s parents.

boho wedding in Puglia
The bride’s parents. Photo Credits Leuci Fotografia

A leisurely atmosphere, therefore, is crucial to the success of a boho chic wedding. What are the other ingredients that can add a bohemian touch to your wedding in Puglia? Let’s see them.

Outdoor venues

Whether you choose an olive tree forest or a beach, the ideal venue is an outdoor space, in contact with nature. Do you have other ideas for your boho wedding?

boho wedding
A perfect place for a boho wedding: a centuries-old olive tree forest. Photo Credits Marco Schifa
boho chic style
Another good idea for a boho wedding venue: a beach in Puglia is also perfect! Photo Credits Leuci Fotografia

A harmonious setup

Our two keywords – authenticity and naturalness – are not in contradiction with highly poetic decors and items.

Boho chic items may include: British-style gold rimmed teacups; grandma’s finely embroidered table runners and centerpieces; antique style mirrors and armchairs; glass flasks, seals and sealing wax; old rusty bike frames; garlands of olive leaves; little bunches of wild flowers, to be randomly arranged in vases; naked cakes; cats.

boho chic wedding
Typical boho elements: a cat also plays its part. Photo Credits Antonio Manzone

Though they may seem messy, all these things have their own order, and nothing is left to chance. The key of a successful boho wedding is a genuine atmosphere, where nature plays a leading role.
Here are some pictures from a few weddings I planned, which can give you a better idea of what I mean.

Two imperial armchairs are watching over the escort card display, with centuries-old olive trees in the background. Don’t be shy, and let yourself be conquered by this bohemian atmosphere: sit down in the armchair and fiddle with your mustache, or with your pearl necklace.

boho wedding
An escort card display and two imperial armchairs. Photo credits Marco Schifa

While you wait for the newlyweds to come, you can enjoy a cup of tea and a poetry book.

boho wedding in Puglia
A tea break, awaiting the newlyweds. Photo credits Marco Schifa

Wild flower bunches are wonderful decorations to be put on the tables. Another idea? Succulent plants!
Which kind of flowers and floral decorations are best suited to your wedding will depend on the surrounding landscape.

Message in a bottle: the pleasure of writing your wishes or tips for the bride and groom.

boho wedding in Puglia
Message bottles: give your wish to the newlyweds! Photo credits Antonio Manzone

Wedding cakes. I think that a naked cake is the best choice in a boho chic wedding!

wedding naked cake
A wedding naked cake garnished with flowers and other natural decorations. Photo credits Maraca Fotografia

Bride and groom’s boho outfit

A poetic and leisurely atmosphere also depends on which outfit you choose for your wedding day. How to flaunt a true bohemian suit? Here is a brief description, together with some pictures to better convey the concept.
The bride’s boho wedding dress will have soft, slipped lines; the groom can opt for a mismatched suit, taking the jacket off at the right moment. To me, bow ties and suspenders are a perfect pairing!

boho style wedding dresses
Some ideas for bride and groom’s boho-style wedding dresses. Photo credits Antonio Manzone

The bride’s bouquet can be composed with olive tree leaves, which match the chaplet.

boho style bouquet
A boho-style bouquet, made up of natural elements taken from the typical flora of Puglia. Photo Credits Antonio Manzone

The bride should boast a light makeup and a soft, unstructured hairstyle; it is preferable to let hair down, even if they are not so long.

boho hairstyle
Bride’s boho hairstyle. Photo Credits Antonio Manzone

The party

How to entertain your guests? Here are some ideas!

  • Vintage photo booth: a Volkswagen van and some old suitcases, where you can find cardboard silhouettes, hair wreaths and seventies sunglasses. What about some funny usies?
wedding photo booth corner
Photo booth corner with a Volkswagen van. Photo
Credits Michele De Nigris Foto Vision
  • The joy of Polaroid photos: they have come back in fashion. One, two, three… Cheese!
boho wedding
Polaroid comeback. Photo credits Antonio Manzone Fotograficamente Lecce
  • Be careful when select your wedding live band: make sure they will be able to entertain your guests with their music and spontaneity!
boho style
A true boho-style music band. Photo credits Marco Massari Fotografo New Art Studio

I hope I’ve helped you better understand which ingredients are needed for a true boho style wedding. Finally, I’d like you to ask a question: do you agree with me that Puglia’s soul, with her luxurious natural environment, masserias and innate genuineness, is truly boho-



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