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Your wedding in Puglia: three “I do” in June

June “at full speed”: one wedding per week in Puglia is great for a wedding planner. I’ll tell you how this exciting experience was!

1 June – “O sole mio”

wedding Puglia
Just married! Photo Credits Fotograficamente Lecce

On the 1st of June, Gareth and Annie had their big day in Puglia, a day scented with chamomile and marked by the energetic beat of a tambourine that gradually slowed down to make way for the groom-singer’s performance. With the great Italian singer Luciano Pavarotti in mind, Gareth sang the famous Italian song “O sole mio” with a unique british accent, dedicating it to his beloved Annie.

happy wedding in Puglia
He sings “O sole mio”, Photo Credits Fotograficamente Lecce

Gareth and Annie live in London, but her half-Italian blood (on her father’s side) convinced them to go to the South for a wedding in Puglia, a borderline land that holds the promise of new beginnings.

The bride: a white gown on her olive skin, brown hair and intense, shining, large eyes.

The bride. Photo Credits Fotograficamente Lecce

The groom: while warming up with some “toe-and-heel” steps (he seemed to hint at the pizzica, the courtship dance typical of Puglia), he showed off a relaxed smile but his sunglasses hid a little bit of real emotion. After all, his “mission of the day” was the most important in his life. By singing “O sole mio” and dancing to the rhythm of pizzica, Gareth’s mission was fully accomplished!

wedding Puglia
The groom, Photo credits Fotograficamente Lecce

Here are the newlyweds during a moment of their wedding party. She holds a red scarf, which suggests that she has accepted the courting of her “pizzicato” husband.

wedding in Puglia
The newlyweds dance to the rhythm of pizzica, Photo Credits Fotograficamente Lecce

8 June – Jumping for joy

wedding in Puglia
Wedding in Puglia, a burst of happiness. Photo Credits Leuci Fotografia

The second wedding in Puglia: when you are happy, you can fly, don’t you think?
These photos by Leuci Fotografia show that it is true, at least for the newlyweds Carmine and Jeannine, as well as for their relatives and friends.
The “Jumping for joy” feast: that’s how I’ll remember their wedding.

wedding mood
Wedding in Puglia: jumping for joy. Photo Credits Leuci Fotografia

Love blossomed between Carmine and Jeannine in Switzerland, but the pair decided to tie the knot in his native land: Puglia. They said “I do” in front of the sea, which has been the witness of a love capable of facing any challenge, twist and turn, or distant horizon. With its gentle waves and cream-colored sand, it is now ready to watch over their unbreakable bond.

wedding Puglia
The newlyweds. Photo Credits Leuci Fotografia

This wedding was marked by true simplicity: the bride opted for a sincere, light make-up. Her oldest friends were also her make-up artists.

Bride make-up
The bride. Photo Credits Leuci Fotografia

Burgundy held the scene: a perfect match with the bride’s blonde hair, this color created a gentle contrast with natural shades like cream and beige, as well as with sea green.

wedding palette
Burgundy palette, together with cream and sea-green shades. Photo Credits Leuci Fotografia

In this photo you can see the true Marina: sitting on my knees on the sand – as I did when I was a child – my eyes are shining with happiness as I do my job on a perfect day.

Marina Indraccolo wedding planner in Puglia
Marina Indraccolo wedding planner, Photo Credits Leuci Fotografia

16 June – A message in a bottle for you

A true Mediterranean wedding in a masseria.
An arched luminaria (illumination) – the light installation typical of saint patron feasts in Puglia – was the perfect setting for tables and chairs. I had the impression that the luminaria was there to “crown” the newlyweds, Emanuela and Alessandro, as well as all the guests at their wedding reception. Indeed, it was a realm of joy!


wedding in masseria
Wedding in Puglia, Photo Credits FotoVisionProduzioni Michele De Nigris

Located in inland Puglia, in the province of Lecce, the masseria farm also seduced me, with its simple, refined, versatile and graceful style, just like a woman that has her own unique style.

Marina Indraccolo wedding planner
Marina wedding planner at work, PHoto Credits FotoVision Produzioni

I want to tell you about Emanuela’s and Alessandro’s caring and delicate touch at their wedding reception: at the table, each guest found a bottle with their name and number, and a personal message inside it. It was a truly poetic gesture of sincere kindness towards their guests, wasn’t it?

And finally, a joyful burst of music!

During June, the flow of weddings in Puglia caught me like a powerful river. Those beautiful moments are nestled in the pictures; I’ll never forget the happiness of the newlyweds, their “thank you for all, Marina”, and I want to answer to them with a sincere “thank you for having chosen me to manage the most important day of your life!”.

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