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Wedding in Puglia? Here I am

My name is Marina and I can organise every detail of your wedding in Puglia.
Don’t know where to start? Let me take the reins.

Let me present my ambitious and passionate project. The idea of Apulia wedding and more was born from my experience in wedding planning and experiential travel. Our service is aimed at international couples who want to celebrate their wedding in Puglia with a local expert.
Now I would like to explain what makes my service unique, my approach and why using a wedding planner can be an excellent idea.

Puglia, the simple things in life

wedding in Puglia
“My land has something special” (Marina Indraccolo wedding planner)

My land has something special, as shown by the numbers on international tourism in 2016 (source: Puglia Promozione).
Puglia is never formulaic. This is probably why it is loved so much. I wanted to stress this aspect , because this is the starting point of Apulia wedding and more and my approach. Simplicity.
In this land, so far removed from artifice, there are towers built along the coastline to protect from sea-borne threats, which are immersed in the wild perfumes of the Mediterranean scrub. Rugged rocky shores are interspersed with sand dunes. Traces of the East can be found in the facades of noble villas. There are lookouts, lighthouses and small islets, and masserias (farmhouses) and trulli nestled amongst olive trees and oil mills, vegetable gardens and chickens, farmyard songs and hay bales.
But what do tourists come to Puglia for? Authenticity, the close contact with a rural dimension and a local guide that will lead them to discover the treasures that can only be found off the beaten path. I am here for you ☺

Apulia wedding and more, style and philosophy

A wedding in Puglia will be perfect only if it takes into account your requirements, with a custom project tailor made for you.
It will be elegant in its simplicity and never predictable. I will be in charge of the organisational and artistic management of the event so that you don’t have to worry about anything and I can create the narrative thread of your story. The Mediterranean sea will obviously play its part, from the wedding banquet and the careful choice of local food and wine, to the scent, locations and setting for the photos. The authentic flavor of Puglia will be felt throughout the event.

My approach to wedding planning

I always begin by listening because I believe that this special day must necessarily reflect the people that are celebrating it. This is why I will interview you and try to understand your needs, so that I can turn them into reality. I will be the link between you and my land, Puglia, to develop the most suitable formula, the one that is closest to you. You can choose between sea and land, rural and maritime locations, as you wish. When you commission me to plan your wedding, I will be committed to making you happy.

Do you want to discover Puglia? Come with me!

Being a wedding planner in Puglia means knowing this land inside out. I wouldn’t be able to do this job otherwise. My idea is to make your wedding an experience and therefore, as well as organising the wedding in all its aspects, I can plan your stay in Puglia and let you discover breathtaking sites and locations. You can also rely on me to find unique accommodation for your guests.

Are you ready?

wedding planner Puglia
A wedding in Puglia is like a travel experience



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