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Destination wedding: everybody is crazy about Puglia

More and more people are choosing to get married in Southern Italy.
“The real surprise, in recent years has been the Salento” (Sposi Magazine, 2016).

Not really news to us. Something strange happens each time that we organise a wedding in Puglia. We start off by asking the couple what drew them down here, far from the large cities. Their eyes, sparkling with joy, gives us the answer. Apulia wedding and more’s brief at once becomes clearer: we will become part of their indelible memories.

But what is so special about Puglia? Our interviews with various couples have revealed five aspects about this land, which is also known as the “land of weddings”.


The considerable number of stunning locations might surprise you: Valle d’Itria, Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, Savelletri, Ostuni, Alberobello, Conversano, the Salento, Lecce and neighbouring areas and the Gargano. From north to south, couples choose Puglia for its breathtaking landscapes. A dream wedding is truly possible here.

Elegant genuineness

From a traditional masseria farmhouse to a beach setting, from an estate surrounded by olive trees or on a headland overlooking the sea: getting married in Puglia is a uniquely stylish choice. Refinement and genuineness will be the hallmarks of your special day.

“The land of weddings”: gastronomy and romanticism

Puglia is extremely popular with VIPs. The authentic locations, the winemaking and culinary traditions, the colours of the sea, the tempting perfumes and the olive trees all lend a romantic and never predictable touch.

wedding in Puglia
Puglia is romantic with simplicity: the venues, the culinary traditions, the tempting perfumes

Falling in love

They say that Puglia “gets inside you”. A feeling that is probably due to its simplicity. Falling in love with Puglia and the sense of belonging are two of the most common experiences: “it’s as if we grew up here”, they say.
These are just some of the things that visitors love the most about Puglia: the intense blue of the sky, the red of the earth scorched by the sun, the stones of the dry stone walls and the masseria farmhouses, the smells of the sea and the Mediterranean scrub, the coastal towers and the intense flavours of sumptuous and plentiful meals.

destination wedding in Puglia
People about Puglia: this land “gets inside you”


The people of Puglia are welcoming, meeting your gaze as if they are about to embrace you. The discovery of a place, at the emotional level, starts from the people. Many visitors that come down here to celebrate their wedding or to spend their holidays immediately feel as if they belong. This is perhaps why a wedding in Puglia is synonymous with a true and authentic experience.

What does Puglia mean to you? Tell us your experience and why it’s special for you.


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