summer wedding

A summer wedding in Puglia with the sun!

Would you prefer either a “wet” wedding or a sunny one? If rain on your wedding day is good luck – and it is a mathematical certainty – imagine what a sunny wedding can be!

Summer wedding in Puglia. This formula is simply perfect, and is accompanied by a few, clear ideas: colors and contrasts, beaches and masserias, love bonds sealed with words, seashells, sand and poppy seeds.

A civil wedding ceremony with a touch of poetry

Just like an old lady’s jewelry box, full of precious stones and stories, Puglia also has its own joys and special places. Among these, the Palude del Capitano – Porto Selvaggio natural park, Nardò (Lecce), is one of the places that we, at Apulia wedding and more, recommend you for a unforgettable wedding proposal. Right here, we once took part in a magical moment: the “blending of the sands” ceremony, just as the sun’s last rays were painting the sky with pink and red shades.

What is the “Blending of the sands” ceremony? It is a symbolic ritual, for which few things are needed: a glass ampulla, some sand, a handful of seashells, a few flowers or anything else that has a special meaning, especially for the couple and their love story. In this case, a surprise ceremony for the newlyweds, Federica and Marco, was organized by their friends to seal, in an original and poetic way, the civil ceremony that had been held at the local city hall a few hours before.

The place, Porto Selvaggio (Nardò), played a key role, with its view on the sparkling sea, its Mediterranean scrub, its herbal, salty fragrances, the falling sun and the gentle breeze. The ceremony was conducted by two newlyweds’ close friends, who told several funny stories about them; a sort of “health” test of the couple – her extravagance, his (astonishing) t-shirts… Then a series of messages were read in a low voice, often broken from the emotion, and later put into the glass ampulla together with a fistful of sand, a few seashells and poppy seeds.

A wish for the couple to have something unassailable, enshrined in that ampulla, whose open top was ready to gather the love that was all around. The poppy seeds symbolized the past, present and future life of the newlyweds, since poppies have always been present in Federica’s and Mario’s love story.

A truly unforgettable civil wedding ceremony in Puglia!

A beach wedding

With a coastline like Puglia’s, you could desire to get married over and over again. But let’s think about your first (and last) marriage, making sure that it will be unforgettable and that you are caught up by the desire, year after year, to come back there where it all began.

A beach wedding: what a wonderful idea to make your wedding vows while breathing the scent of the sea! Its waves, in their relentless, eternal motion, bring your vows out into the open sea before bringing them back on the shore, where they will be sealed forever. A barefoot bride wearing her white gown, with a bouquet in her hands and three red dressed bridesmaids by her side; a groom that, as a matter of equality, has three friends of him by his side, as messengers of peace and love.

beach wedding in Puglia
A beach wedding, during summer in Puglia.

So there are many varied proposals, depending on whether you prefer an easy formula or a more refined one. For me, a beach wedding can have many surprising solutions, and they are all beautiful. Here are two venues that I think are perfect for both these two formulas: a flower arch opening up onto a rock and the sea, for an intimate ceremony; a beach club, if you want a refined and glamorous event.

Your wedding in a masseria farm

There is not only the sea in Puglia; in its countryside, you will find an amazing landscape, with its masserias, low dry-stone walls and ancient olive groves.

For your masseria wedding, I imagine: light bulb strings that are suspended between the sky and earth like festoons; a unique, total white wedding banquet; setups with neutral and soft color shades, which bring us to mind the veining of Puglia’s typical stone, the smile of the bride and the leisure of the groom (like a kind of warrior’s rest).

wedding in Puglia
A wedding in a masseria farm.
Photo credits Fotograficamente Lecce

Here are two wonderful proposals for your summer wedding that I’ve imagined for you: a garland made of olive leaves and white flowers that runs the full length of your top table, with beige nuances and pastel colors; the magical touch of colorful water glasses that add color and light to the white reception tablecloth.

I’m here to help you realize your dreams and organize your wedding day exactly as you would like it!     

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