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An Italian wedding planner in London

At about a month from my stay in London, I want to take stock of the new 2018 wedding trends and give my say on some truly original ideas as a wedding planner.

An amazing wedding show in London

Before illustrating them, however, please give me a moment to tell you what I learnt from that experience and what it means to me to be a wedding planner: you have to study endlessly, be never tired of it and constantly improve yourself.

I wish to say ‘Thank you!’ to The National Wedding Show: besides giving myself an unforgettable relaxing massage and a brand new make-up, I felt proud of my job.

Well, guys, now we can see the super cool ideas that I, as a wedding planner Puglia, have not let slip!

Marina Indraccolo, a wedding planner on a business trip

I love to travel and I love London. Right here in London – the natural home of the newest trends – I was happy to realize how deep-rooted is the presence of Italy, from the italian stands at the latest wedding fair to the most fashionable tendencies. I refer to the central role of sobriety, of elegance based on simplicity, in the italian style. It is a crucial idea, which has pretty soon become my philosophy as a wedding planner: you do not need crystal chandeliers or silver cutlery, because elegance is a thoroughly different thing. It is rather the harmonious arrangement of elements. The mediterranean style is one of the things I believe most deeply, together with the motto “Less is more”.

Lavender: cool and harmonic

After my stay in London, I can confirm that lavender is the king of the wedding colors this year, not only at Buckingham Palace. Ultra violet (Pantone’s color of the year) is tempered by a hint of white, and it results in a shade of color that evokes inner harmony and the warm embrace of a fine and delicate scent.

ultraviolet wedding trends
All the ultraviolet shades, 2018 wedding trends

Brides’ shoes

I’ll tell you a secret: white color block is not a strict rule any more. Today, adding a splash of color to our bridal look is very trendy. So, let’s say “Yeah!” to colorful shoes.
However, if you don’t want to give up your white shoes (for some of us, it would mean to renounce the bridal look we’ve imagined since when we were little girls. After all, even Barbie wore white shoes on her wedding day!), you can recolor them later.
At the London fair I found an innovative wedding shoes stand, which offered a very useful service: recoloring the shoes after the wedding reception, so that people can wear them again.

wedding planner
Colorful bridal shoes, pastel or neon colored.


A bright smile

There is one thing for which you cannot give up the white color. Think about it for a while, would you like to be photographed with a yellowish or less than bright smile?

In London, pre-wedding teeth whitening is now a necessary practice; otherwise you are at risk of receiving a refusal by the photographer (hee hee!). I’ve had an idea, which will probably sound crazy to many people: adding a dentist or a dental hygienist to my cooperation network, an extra service for the Apulia wedding and more clients who want to show a beautiful glowing smile.

Joking aside, smiling is very important in your most beautiful day, though there’s always someone who becomes moved to tears (first, your parents!).

Calligraphy, mon amour!

I enjoyed lots, as you can see from these pictures!
I thought I was not able to do it, but here I was… and I discovered a new passion.
Thanks to calligraphy you can customize and embellish even the most basic wedding card. Now I’ve just to sharpen my hand writing skills.

I’ve told you some of my “tidbits” from London, where I’ve got even more convinced that to work as a wedding planner is the most beautiful thing in the world!


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